Sunday, March 11, 2012


Apple is known for having thousands of patents, and continuously in patent wars vs. other companies. Recently Apple has been in patent wars with Motorola mobility, and Samsung Mobile. Apple has reportedly, by the Dow Jones Newswire, offered patent licensing deals to the two companies. Apple says they are not interested in engaging in a royalty agreement with the companies, or others alike.

Samsung and Motorola have counter-suits against Apple, which Apple is considering legal agreements and contemplating going to court to end the suits. Apple wants to end these counter-suits because if Motorola or Samsung should win a judgment against Apple's trademark iPhone, iPad, or iPod, Apple would be in serious boiling water and would have worse consequences than they would if they had never sued the firms in the first place.

So far, Apple has banned Samsung's local subsidaries of the market in Germany and Australia from selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Samsung's German branch countered by releasing a slightly modified tablet, the Galaxy Tab 10.1n to the market, and for the Australian market, the Australian courts soon lifted the temporary ban.

Apple is still in the midst of several other patent arguments with other companies around the world. As Steve Jobs said, he would "Spend Every Penny", to fight off competitors he thought were 'copying' Apple products.